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Dessert caterer Beth Brown

My love of design came early too—I always had a pencil in hand. Now I design with fruit, flowers, and chocolate fudge.

Beth holding pies
Beth is one of the best-kept secrets in Colorado. Her mini-cheesecakes are to die for.

D. Diehl — Denver 5th-grade teacher

I started Beth's Cakes in Denver but recently moved to Iowa. I found Dubuque to be a baking wasteland of overpriced flavorless grocery-store cakes plastered with thick unidentifiable fluff. My desserts are the real thing, made the old-fashioned way with rich wholesome ingredients and loving care.

Your cupcakes were amazing!  Thanks for the exquisite job.

N. Kineally — Denver

Not only delicious but lovely to look at!

P. Drumm — Denver

Beth's grandmother

   My grandmother, Gladys Augusta Ramm, with her great-granddaughters Sarah and Celeste

Grandma was my inspiration, and I gratefully dedicate this website to her memory