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My passion for baking and jam making began as a child spending summers on my grandparents' Iowa farm. I was Grandma's apprentice, mixing, measuring, peeling, pitting, and most importantly stirring and watching the jam. Grandma insisted on perfection, and that standard lives on in my desserts and fresh fruit fillings.

Dubuque baker Beth Brown
Beth is one of the best-kept secrets in Iowa. Her mini-cheesecakes are to die for. D. Diehl 5th-grade teacher

My love of design came early too—I always had a pencil in hand. Now I design with fruit, flowers, and chocolate fudge.

Beth with Pies
Your cupcakes were amazing ! Thanks for the exquisite job. N. Kineally Denver

I started Beth's Cakes in Denver but recently moved to Iowa. I found Dubuque to be a baking wasteland of overpriced flavorless grocery-store cakes plastered with thick unidentifiable fluff. My desserts are the real thing, made the old-fashioned way with rich wholesome ingredients and loving care.

The cake was incredible ! Everyone loved it. A. Straily Arvada CO
Beth's Grandmother Gladys Ramm with Great-Granddaughters

My grandmother, Gladys Augusta Ramm, with her great-granddaughters Sarah and Celeste

Grandma was my inspiration, and I gratefully dedicate this website to her memory